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search engine blaster submits your entire domain with one click--automatically-- every month

Frequently Asked Questions

How many sites can I submit to?

Currently, there are over 600,000 sites to submit to in our database, Including;

Search Engines, Directories, Free Classified ad sites, Free for all links pages, FFA networks, Top Sites, Message Boards, and Online Malls.

SEB maintains the largest submission database online today. Because our software is web based, we can update the submission database weekly--ensuring that the majority of your submissions do in fact get submitted.

SEB does not submit to search engines which require payment, like Yahoo.

Is this spam?

SEB has taken special measures to ensure worry free submissions. We've written protection into the submission process that will not let you over submit to the search engines. The last thing we would want, is for our subscribers to get booted from a search engine for over submitting.

Search Engine Blaster follows the rules for each search engine and protection is "built in" to the submission database.

Each search engine has it's own unique format for accepting submissions into their database. While some allow 1 submission per day, others allow 50 pages to be submitted.

Additionally, some engines (especially spider enabled engines) prefer to receive your top level domain only (for example: www.yoursite.com). In these instances, SEB will only submit your top level domain, even if you have additional pages selected when submitting a project.

In short, SEB will submit the maximum number of pages allowed, in accordance to the rules set forth by each engine.

Will I get a bunch of spam?

If you've ever submitted to a site before, typically you get back a bunch of "submission confirmations", also known as "junk email". If you've done this in bulk before, you know you're email box was flooded with 100's of junk emails. Not any more!

Search Engine Blaster protects your email account. We give you two options for handling junk email.

You can set your account to automatically DELETE all that junk, or, if you prefer to receive junk email, you can set up your account to send all that email to an alternate email account.

This will protect your main email account, and you will no longer have to deal with junk email flooding your in box. Full details are clearly explained in our members area.

Can I submit multiple domains?

Yes, you can submit as may different sites as you like. SEB's pricing is based on the number of automated projects you wish to put on auto-pilot.

While you can keep changing your projects as often as you like, you can only save and auto re-submit up to the amount of projects you purchase.

If you're submitting on behalf of your clients,
see this link for more, or Click here for the pricing scale

Can I submit Adult Sites?

We do not have any problem with you submitting adult sites, we only ask that when submitting to classified ads, and free for all sites that your ads remain in good taste. Ads posted in "bad taste"will be subject to removal.

While we do not specialize in submitting to "adult sites", we do submit to approximatley 12 of the largest"adult only" search engines. (You can choose to have your site submitted, or not, to some or all of the engines in our database)

By using search engine Blaster you can submit your adult site to most of the major search engines, classified ad sites, and free for all sites that are in our data base, currently over 600,000.

Can I submit for other clients?

Yes, while SEB was not intentionally developed for this purpose, you can submit on behalf of your clients. If you require a submission report to send to your client, you will need to edit the HTML source code of your emailed submission reports as necessary.

Why a monthly fee?

If you only wish to submit once, yes, you can do this, and at just $29.99, you will not find a better deal out there! Most submission service charge "per URL" submitted, and their prices typically start at $79.00 per URL, PER MONTH!

The main objective of SEB is to save you time by creating an automated submission project, and the ability to schedule that routine for automatic re-submissions.

Statistics prove that submitting your Web site to Search Engines on a regular basis results in a higher ranking, and increased traffic.

Each of your projects can be set up to run daily, monthly, etc. For a flat monthly fee, SEB will handle all of your tedious submissions--automatically.

At about $1.00 a day, this is truly a tremendous value. SEB is like having your own non stop promotion guru working for you 24 hours a day! Resubmitting your site on autopilot, on a scheduled monthly routine is what SEB is all about.

Can I cancel this if I don't like it?

Yes, this can be done at anytime prior to your next billing date. By clicking a button in your account area. Your account will be canceled, and all future billings and re-submissions will cease.

There are no refunds for partial billing periods. (You cannot submit your site 600,000 sites and then request a refund, that just wouldn't be fair.)

You maintain complete control of your billing preferences, and there are no long term contracts.

Why is this solution better than other software applications?

see benefits here

What about those free submitters?

There are a number of free submitters online, most have outdated submission information, most do not include a report to verify that your submissions have indeed been submitted. Most submit to a dozen engines or so and do not come close the quantity of engines you will have access to at SEB.

If you're new to Internet marketing and do not have much money to start with, try the free submitters. If you're serious about promoting your site, want access to the largest submission database online, don't have time to waste your entire day submitting manually everywhere, and can afford $1.00 a day, you need SEB!

What about those other sites that claim to submit to 8 million sites?

They're lying, there are not 8 million sites that accept submissions.

I don't have my own domain, can I still promote other services and affiliate programs?

Yes, of course! You can promote most any affiliate program using the same powerful submission process as members who own their own domain. The one tool you will NOT be able to utilize is our
Doorway Generator Tool. This tools requires that you have FTP access to your own domain.

Will I get listed in the top 50 results?

Getting into the top 50 search results for any engine is a very difficult process. It doesn't happen instantly, and some tools & know how are certainly required. A positioning service may be more what you're after, and typically these services charge $2000 or more for top positions.

While there are other companies who specialize in getting a top 50 listing. Some are legitimate, some are not. We do not offer this service, however we can recommed [searchenginewebpromotion.com]

Our tools will assist you in getting listed in the top 50, by providing the tools you will need like:

Our Meta tag generator
Our Doorway page generator
and consistent Re-submissions.

We've also added online movies you can watch and hear, that will assist you, and walk you through each of the tools we offer with your membership. Throughout the members area, you'll see icons like this on every page:

Click HERE to see them

Clicking on these icons will lauch the streaming narrated videos, which will walk you thru every page of the site, and provide helpful information with step by step guidance from our tech team.

We certainly cannot guarantee a top listing for anyone, as top listings are determined by each of the engines themselves. To manipulate yourself into a better listing takes a lot of time and work. Don't let anyone else tell you differently!

To earn a top listing, you must understand that it cannot be produced by a submission tool, it is achieved by the content of your site and how YOU create your web site.

Many things go into getting a top listing, like:
How you use meta tags, your titles, descriptions, your content, etc...

While search engine blaster WILL help you do this yourself, ultimately, your ranking will be up to you.

The time you spend in learning, using the tools, and "tweaking" your site will determine your rank.

If you're not comfortable in working at this yourself, You might consider a visit to our "We Recommend" page. Here we describe several services that will do this for you.

The one positioning company we recommend is called Search Engine Web Promotion, they are certainly not cheap, prices start at $2000.00, but they do guarantee top placement, and will work directly with you in achieving a top listing.

If you are the type of person who want's to learn how to do this yourself, then Search Engine Blaster will show you several techniques to improve your rankings, these are the very same techniques others will charge $1000's of dollars to do for you.

Keep in mind, our service is an automated submission service, not a "how to earn top placement service".

Why should I Resubmit every month?

Resubmitting your site on a consistent basis is critical in:

A) Getting Listed
B) Staying listed

Search engines update their databases regularly. During these updates many things change. For instance, the position of a listing, the algorithms of how a page is ranked, Pages are dropped, new pages are added. All of this effects you and your listings. By automating the resubmission of your site, you no longer have to worry about "getting dropped" or resubmitting to an engine who failed to list you in the first place.

Statistics show that submitting your Web site to Search Engines on a regular basis results in a higher ranking, and increased traffic.

Once you schedule your site to be submitted, it will be resubmitted every month in order to keep up with the changes of the 100's of engines. This is the #1 reason people choose Search Engine Blaster to handle their submissions. Resubmitting on a consistent basis is critical to your success.
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