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search engine blaster submits your entire domain with one click--automatically-- every month

Features & Benefits

100% Automated Marketing
Benefit: Free's up your time, and allows you to focus on more important tasks 

Online Based
Benefit: nothing to download or install, works for anyone who can view this web page including WEBtv, Mac, and Linux users.

Time Saver
Benefit: Unlike downloadable software, it won't tie up your PC all day long submitting. Uses OUR servers to submit, freeing up your time and PC resources.

The Largest submission database on the internet!

Now over 700,000 sites to submit to with one click! No one else comes close.

Benefit: nothing to update or re-install. Our programmers update the database almost every single day so you are always posting to new "fresh" sites.

Spiders your entire domain, and is capable of submitting each page individually to most every engine

Benefit: Why get one engine listing, when you can get multiple search engine listings across mutiple pages on your site.

You control it all

Benefit: Why go thru a service that "claims to submit" your site, when you can do-it-yourself, and watch the submissions live as they happen. You can edit, add, or delete submission projects at anytime 24/7.

eMailed Reports

Benefit: Receive your submission report by email, or view them in your projects area. Great for verifying all ads have been posted!

No Spam!

Benefit: Tired of submitting, and getting nothing but Spam and other email offers? We can eliminate ALL SPAM! You can choose the option to "delete all spam", or receive it, it's your choice. You can even route all spam to another email address.

Automated Scheduler

Benefit: Most everywhere you read, the search engine experts recommend submitting your site once per month. This practice keeps your site listed in the search engines. If you dont re-submit monthly, your listing could be purged.

Now you can schedule your site for automated, unattended monthly submissions. You can schedule daily submissions to 1000's of FFA sites!

Cost Effective, where else could you hire someone to submit to over 700,000 Search Engines, Classified Ad Sites, Directories, Free for All's, Online Malls, Award Sites, and Top Sites for $1.00 a day?

Scalable Automation

Search Engine Blaster is all about automation and exposure. Whether promoting a single URL, an entire domain, or 20 domains, SEB puts an end to the endless, tiresome routine of submitting and re-submitting your site. 4 Account levels let you choose how many domains you wish to promote. Upgrade or Downgrade at anytime.

Includes access to these Advanced Webmaster's Tools

Automated DoorWay Page Generator

In todays agressive marketplace, submitting your site is simply not enough. To be successful online, you'll need to utilize some agressive tactics.

Doorway pages are "keyword" stuffed web pages that are relative to the content on your site. These pages typically out perform a traditional web page due to their targeted use of specific keywords.

Our doorway page generator is an agressive marketing tool you'll have access to with your subscription to SEB.

Meta Tag Generator

Instantly creates the appropriate Meta tag code for your HTML pages with the properly formatted tags ready to submit! Click Here to learn about meta tags

Popularity Checker

Many factors can effect the search results returned by search engines. A major factor in search engine ranking is "link popularity", that is, other web sites with links pointing to your site. A web site with a larger amount of (other sites) linking to it would score a higher relevance ranking than one with fewer links.

The numbers generated by our Link Popularity checker will provide you with a detailed analysis of exactly where you rank amongst the web's top search engines. Plus informative "Know-how" and the tool required to bring your site to the top!

Key Word Density Analyser

We developed this tool to help you easily determine the correct keyword density mix on the top scoring web pages. This allows you to replicate that "correct" mix and design your web pages to compete with the top scoring pages on the search engines.

Our Keyword Density Analyzer will let you closely monitor what keyword mixes are currently scoring highest. This enables you to design web pages specifically catered to the formula that a given search engine is looking for. Other sites charge up to $299 for this one tool alone.

Ranking & Reporting

While other services may claim to be submitting your site to thousands, Search Engine Blaster proves it! After every submission you will have a detailed report to verify each and every submission along with a hyperlink to verify each site submitted to. You can choose to view this report in your Browser, receive it by e-mail, or both. You can also elect to receive a full report via email for every automated submission task you define.

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