What's a Project?

Prices are NOT based on per URL submissions, you can submit one URL, or a complete domain containing 1000's of pages, all for one low price!

Only pay for what you need!

Pricing is based on usage fee's, that is, you only pay for what you need. Each project you create is good for unlimited (auto-scheduled) submissions.

What is a project?

A project is a complete domain, or any portion of a domain (even a single URL) that can be scheduled for automatic (unattended) submission on a schedule that you define.

For example, one of your projects may be to submit your entire domain (could be 100's of pages) to all the search engines--every month. Whether you have one page, or 50 pages on your domain, this is still considered ONE project.

Why would I need more than one project?

In addition to search engine submissions, you'll also have access to our massive FFA (free for all sites) , Free Classified Ad Sites, Top Sites, Award Sites, and Online Mall submission databases. You wouldn't want to submit your entire domain to these sites. You would only want to submit one or two different URL's (on a daily, weekly or monthly basis) to these types of sites.

This is why we offer the option to create up to 20 different projects, all of them submitting to different types of sites on a scheduled basis. Imagine the power of 20 project files..each one promoting something different--all on auto-pilot!. This is true marketing power! If you're not quite sure which plan is right for you, start with the basic plan, you can always upgrade later.