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What this seal means;
How merchants get it

The ePublicEye Registered Safer Shopping Site seal is not a typical seal program. Membership is NOT awarded on the basis of background checks, unenforceable codes of conduct, or on the basis of any independent reviews by

All ratings and reviews found on are supplied by consumers who have shopped with ePublicEye registered merchants and have filled out surveys which allowed them to rate and review their shopping experience with participating merchants.

ePublicEye's sole role is to Independently collect and publish the consumers ratings and reviews and to monitor these reports for merchant or consumer irregularities.

The primary standard used to award the seal is openness. For merchants to display the seal they must:

1. Agree to place and maintain a link on their site allowing their sales transactions to be rated by their customers and monitored by

2. Meet ePublicEye's transparency requirement by allowing ePublicEye to fully disclose and publish all confirmed customer ratings collected from their patrons providing, a more open history of the merchant's customer satisfaction and reliability record and a shopping environment that many consumers feel is safer.

3. Provide a verifiable means for consumers to contact the merchant for post-sale follow up in the event of a service failure.

4. Identify and publish their privacy policy.

5. Register the company's general information with ePublicEye for publication including primary business address, year business began, name of customer service contact, phone number, privacy policy, return policy, return terms, primary method of customer service and their system for tracking and confirming orders.

6. Not sell anything, illegal, pornographic, or blatantly disreputable.

Only merchants who agree to meet and maintain these requirements are awarded the seal.

With the exception of verifying contact information ePublicEye exclusively relies on merchant and consumer submissions for the information provided on this site. ePublicEye does not verify the information provided by members.

ePublicEye monitoring is limited to reviewing submitted reports for consumer and merchant irregularities. Both positive and negative reports require valid email addresses to confirm the identity of the person submitting the report. All reports require email confirmation. Positive reports are instantly posted. As part of our system to prevent malicious filings, negative ratings require an additional verification step to confirm.

ePublicEye ratings should not be viewed as a statistically precise representation, but as a general indicator or the customer satisfaction history of the merchant involved. Customer ratings should be used by consumers as one of several indicators to assist in a purchase. decision.

Legal Stuff:'s services are intended to help reduce the risk to consumers, by providing useful consumer information. Our reports are intended to assist your buying decision only. Our system does not guarantee absolute safety when shopping with any of our registered merchants. makes no claims as to the results you will ultimately experience, and does not guarantee any level of performance by a merchant on any specific transaction. No buying decision should be made solely on the basis of the information provided here. does not guarantee that reports will be error free. may not be held liable for any action, or consumer related complaints unreported or undiscovered by, or for any damages sustained from doing business with any of the companies listed here. makes no claims as to suitability, performance,or integrity, of any of the products or services sold by registered companies. registration applies to customer service factors only.

For Platinum registered merchants, warrants only that the merchant has agreed to conduct business on the open and that their customer ratings are being independently collected and published by makes no other claims regarding registered merchants, their products or services. By use of this directory, you agree to indemnify from all liability as a result of its use.

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