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What Customers are saying...

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search engine blaster submits your entire domain with one click--automatically-- every month

What customers are saying...

We take customer satisfaction seriously!

Note: not all email address are provided below, at the request of the party submitting the testimonial.

I will say without reservation that Search Engine Blaster has produced results that you promised... but we never imagined it would really happen.

Prior to joining your service, We put our website together. Then we submitted our website to various search engines. We even sometimes find our listing in them...on page 57 or 157.

It was not until we subscribed to your service that we saw our placement begin to climb to page 1 or 2 in the search engines. Your service got us there and keeps us there (now with multiple listings!). We do our part and your service certainly does its part. What is more, because of using your service we are now listed in search engines, directories, classified ad sites and message boards that we would never have heard of. We receive orders from around the world because our website is now listed in search engines around the globe.

We are so pleased with our Search Engine Blaster submissions that we just upgraded to submit even more domains. You have got a customer forever. As we grow, we add new projects and set them on automatic pilot with this service and then wait for the results. It couldn't be easier and we couldn't recommend it more highly.

Thanks for offering this service. It is so easy to use...so affordable. I am telling none of my competitors about you. But I am telling all of my friends!!!

Maureen "EveryDay" Mehndi

Ranking report for everydayhenna.com
Engine Rank  
AOL Netfind 7 (Page 1) Details
AltaVista 2 (Page 1) Details
Fast Search 2 (Page 1) Details
HotBot 1 (Page 1) Details
LookSmart 1 (Page 1) Details
Lycos 2 (Page 1) Details
WebCrawler 1 (Page 1) Details

Search Engine Blaster is everything they claim it is and more! The system has saved me countless hours of having to manually submit and resubmit my web sites. In the first month alone, trafffic to my web sites increased more than 25%. I was very impressed with the System, Service and Results. Search Engine Blaster is truly the Future of Web Site Submissions.

Carl M.
Port St Lucie, FL

I can tell you this ... when I started to use SEB, I finally started to get hits, and I love it. I'm no guru, but I know your SEB works, my webstats proove it!. After trying other's, It is the only system that consistently brings me traffic. I really love this system.

Margaret M.

Just into my 2nd month with searchengineblaster and I must express to others my site hits have doubled and my art sales are now 4x higher. After trying so many submission services in the past with no results at all (searchengineblaster) came through for my online business(Palm Springs Art) and I would highly recommend you to anyone who wants immediate results.. My hits are growing each week as the larger search engines are adding my info... Already listed in top 10 positions in the dozen top search engines...I just used your ranking tool, and here are my results. Thanks again for such a simple, professional, affordable program.
Ranking report for palmspringsart.com
Engine Rank  
Alta Vista 1 Details
Google 1 Details
HotBot 3 Details
Yahoo! 1 Details
Anzwers 1 Details
What You Seek 1 Details

Dennis J. Begnoche Jr. Owner/Webmaster
Palm Springs Art

I just finished setting up my first URL, and I have to say "HATS OFF TO YOU"! I know the work involved in what you have done, and this is a product that is really needed. I'm surprised at just how easy this is to set up--it is truly the best complete Web Authoring/Promotion Tool out there. Congratulations on this great accomplishement!!

Sherry Hale
ViaTheWeb Designs, LLC

Thank you so much for all your helpful information. I am fairly new to the internet, and am still learning. Thank you so much for taking the time to work with me.
Doreen Ayer

Thanks for your great new service it looks really terrific. I look forward to using what looks like the best promotional tool to come out on the web. I look forward to using this, and the web to it's full potential..

Steve Slater, TheSJSGroup

I recently subscribed to your site just last week, and had to write in. I am very impressed with your services and support. I have never seen such a service like this and I am very impressed so far. Keep up the great work!

Nathan Richmond

This Blaster is fantastic! The ease of use and the variety of submission possibilities makes it, in my opinion, the absolute best piece of software around for entrepreneuers.
Kim McKoy

Now in our second month of submissions, I can safely say we've gone from being at the bottom, to being at the top!

Since we started using search engine blaster our traffic went from a few dozen hits a day to over 1000 hits every day--consistanlty!

I'm simply blown away...

Dana McBride

I'm a web designer and being able to submit all my clients domains, automatically, is a dream come true! Thank you for such an excellent service.

Faris B.

I've been using your service for about a month now, and I'm happy to report I now have over 500 people in my downline. I know this is a direct result from your service because this is the only promotions I have done. I am very happy with your support staff, and I hope to be a long term customer. Why would anyone use anything else?
- Janet Mandello
SFI Affiliate

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Note: not all email address are provided below, at the request of the party submitting the testimonial. Results will vary from website to website and are not guaranteed.

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