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Never again pay "per submission" charges. Finally.... submit your entire domain to over 600,000 search engines, directories, and classified ad sites--automatically!

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search engine blaster submits your entire domain with one click--automatically-- every month

Search Engine Blaster is the quick & easy way to
get submitted and stay submitted on over 600,000 sites across the internet.

Over 85% of Web surfers use search engines to get what they need. Search Engine Blaster allows you to list your business, products, or services on over 600,000 search engines, targeted directories, free classified ad sites, top sites, and online malls Automatically--Every Day! 100% Unattended.

It's a marketing machine on steroids!

Increasing traffic and driving customers to your site--24/7.

Industry Research shows:

Search engines re-index their databases every 4-6 weeks

Sites are removed and added to search engine databases at the time of re-indexing

Monthly submissions are the #1 way to stay listed on the top search engines and directories

Monitoring site positions should be done on a monthly basis to ensure best placement

If you're marketing on the net--you need an edge. You need a powerful, automated marketing machine capable of blasting your message throughout the internet--everyday!

Help yourself! Do something about it...

Now you can help your customers find you by submitting your site to over
600,000 search engines, targeted directories and classified ad sites

Submit every month, or every single day, completely automatically--100% Unattended!

Set it up once, and walk away... You can finally put your promotions on total AUTO-PILOT!

Manually submitting your site(s) can take weeks, even months!

Search Engine Blaster lets you fill out one easy form and does all the work for you. Plus, each of your
submission projects are stored so you can modify them later when your keywords, descriptions, or contact information needs updating.

Do you have multiple domains or specific URL's you'd like to promote? No Problem!

It's the easiest, fastest way to submit to the net's top traffic driving engines! You can even submit
your entire domain with just one click.

Nothing to download, nothing to learn; just log in and start blasting!

Emulates a "manual submission"

Minimize data entry; you fill out just one form.

Submissions that
YOUcontrol. Tailor your own promotion by selecting the engines that are right for you.

Works from any browser, access your submissions from anywhere--anytime!

Access your account from anywhere...

Over 600,000 engines to select from. It's the largest submission database ever assembled!

Submit a single URL, or your entire domain! Each of your projects are stored--and can be edited at anytime.

unlimited re-submissions, schedule it once--and automatically re-submit as often as you'd like, all on autopilot!

Edit or add new submission projects whenever you want.

Access powerful tools and reporting features so you'll know exactly where you rank.

If you're tired of:

  • manually submitting
  • tired of re-submitting
  • tired of watching your site fall off the charts
  • tired of figuring out how, when, and where to submit
  • tired of outsourcing
  • tired of per URL charges
  • tired of all the lies, poor results, and lagging traffic

Then Search Engine Blaster is for you!

How much would you pay to hire a marketing whiz to submit your site? $100?, $200? -- more?

How long would it take to submit your site to 600,000?

A month?, 3 months?

Now you can do it yourself in just 5 minutes!

At just a $1.00 a day, it's the biggest bang for your buck you'll find online today.

Eliminate "per URL" submissions charges and take back your valuable time and money!

Submit every month, or every single day--completely automatically!

Schedule it once, and you're done...now you can re-submit--and you don't even have to log in to do it, it's all on auto-pilot!

You can get started right now! Blast your entire domain or even a single URL to over 600,000 search engines, directories, FFA's, and Free Classified Ad Sites with just one click!.

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You've never submitted like this before!
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You've never submitted like this before!