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What is a "doorway page"?
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Doorway pages, also known as sign posts can be used to increase your rankings and view ability on many search engines. The concept behind doorway pages is to generate additional web pages (which are stored on your own domain) specifically geared to draw in additional visitors and traffic to your site. By making your home page easier to find, and scoring a higher rank in the search engines--it's only obvious you will indeed be creating additional traffic. The more pages you have listed in search engines, the more traffic you will generate.

What is a "doorway page"?

A doorway page is a web page that has been "key word" optimized to obtain a higher ranking in one or several search engines.

When you register your web site with a search engine, what you're really doing is sending a request for that search engine to "spider" your web site. The majority of search engines use an automated technology known as "spidering". Each search engine may have a different name for it, but the job is of "spider" is to visit your web site and collect information on what your web site is about.

A doorway page is a page specifically designed only for the search engines. For each of your keywords or keyword phrases it's a good idea to create a "doorway" page so search engine spiders can easily locate these key words on your web site.

Doorway pages do NOT necessarily need to be registered with the search engines, they are created for the sole purpose of being "spidered". The only page you need to submit to the majority of the search engines is your main page (

SEB will only submit your main (home) page to the engines which prefer to receive submissions in this format.

Doorway pages play a key role in driving search engine traffic to your website. If your tired of seeing your site listed at #364 in the major search engines, a properly formatted doorway page could easily boost that ranking up to the top 20. Our doorway page generator will now let you take advantage of the very same methods many of the top webmasters have been using to get top rankings.

Search engines can drive massive amounts of traffic to your website. It is also true that your website should be optimized for the search engines. Now here's where the problems starts.

Each search engine uses different methods for ranking your page. It is impossible to design a single web page that is perfectly optimized for all the major search engines. It is even more difficult if you have multiple keywords or keyword phrases. Search engines weigh keywords based on how often they appear on a page, where they appear on a page, their relationship to other text on the page.

It is just not possible to create one page for multiple keywords that will satisfy most of the varying methods used by the search engines.

Our doorway generator will create 50 different doorway pages for you based on which ever key words you enter.

Search engine placement is key to seeing good results from your website. But don't go overboard wasting your time using obscure keywords. Here are some suggestions about deciding which key words to use.

Make a list of the products or services your site sells. If you're not selling anything, that's ok... make a list of the reasons why people would want to visit your site. The trick here is to imagine your customer/visitor and what they are looking for.

Now take each item on your list and come up with synonyms and mis-spelled versions of those keywords and phrases.

For verbs in your list, come up with past/present tenses and list them. For nouns in your list, come up with pluralized versions and list them.

Your list should have tripled in size by now. Now take the words in your list and create as many doorway pages as you'd like. Each set of pages should focus on one keyword or phrase.

Our doorway generator will automatically create 50 different optimized pages, automatically capitalizing and non capitalized your keywords for you. Yes, even UPPER CASE, and lower case keywords matter when a search engine "spiders" your site.

Keep in mind that these pages are designed solely to rank highly in search engines. These days, many search engines limit the number of submissions from one domain, but by having "doorway pages" in place before submitting to the search engines, you will run a much better chance of ranking higher.

While this technique may go against the common advice that "promotion gurus" are touting, try not to loose any sleep over it. Coming up with dozens of doorway pages and spending ALL your time submitting them, tweaking them, checking their stats, can be very draining. So use this tool in moderation and focus on your core key words. A little work now, will go a long way once you begin to see your counter spinning.

Who can, who cannot use this tool

The doorway page generator can only be utilized if you host your own domain. If you are promoting a web site on someone else's server (promoting an affiliate plan), you cannot upload doorway pages to someone else's server. You must host your own domain and have FTP access to your server.

If you're new to the net, or are promoting an affiliate plan, that's OK, doorway pages are not essential to getting listed. Creating doorway pages are completely optional and are not required to submitting a web site.

If you want to create doorway pages you can use this tool to generate and automatically upload these pages to your own server, or a web host that will allow you to UPLOAD your own files.

If you do not have your own web host, your first step would be to get your own web space provider who can host your own web site. While there are a number of free web hosting providers who will do this, like, they typically earn their revenue from "POP UP banners" that automatically pop on your web page(s).

Why anyone would go for one of those free web hosts, I don't know. Why would you want someone else's banner on YOUR web page when you work so hard to get visitors to your site in the first place.

For around $30 a month you can get your own web host like Ameritech. In my opinion, they are the best web host for beginners because you can control your web site from a very easy to understand control panel that works right from your web browser.

Next, in order to "create" a web page, you will need to have some software which will allow you to create an HTML document. HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language which is the crazy looking programmers code that makes up a web page.

There's a site here called Dave Central which lists dozens of HTML editors you can try. We also found a nice FREE HTML editor here . It's really not as hard as you might think. More reading material on HTML and free download able HTML guides are available Dave Central.

Now that you have your own web space, and a method of creating/editing web pages, you are now able to utilize the doorway page generator.