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Frequently Asked Questions..Part 2

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Frequently Asked Questions 2

I need a high volume account!

Currently, the largest, discounted program we offer is a Webmaster 20 account.

We have a number of people in a similar situation as you who are using our services to submit on behalf of clients.

Our $59.99/month option for 20 projects is heavily discounted for this. It works out to be just $3.00/mo for each of your projects.

For example, suppose you have 20 clients, each client has a different domain to be submitted each month.

You can automate the process by setting them up once into the system, then each month they will be submitted, and a report emailed to you.

You can add your logo to the report and forward to your client. There are no other markings on this report to identify us in any way.

You can fill up a single project with unlimited URL's on that clients domain.

So, you will be automating the submissions of unlimited URL's on any given domain, all with one project, that costs you only $3.00/mo.

Additionally, you can set that same project to submit to 1000's of FFA pages, and networked FFA's (containing thousands of networked users) every day--automatically.

Quite a bit of bang for the buck..

Currently our largest discounted account is the 20 project account, you will need to open several accounts to go beyond the 20 project webmasters program.

Can I use MS FrontPage?

Yes, you can. The only thing you should note is, when you use the doorway page maker, you'll need to create a directory on your server (in FrontPage) of where you want to store your doorway pages.

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